No, the product contains very little THC.  Also, the trace amounts of THC contained in our products are not activated.

Yes, most likely you will test positive for THC. While you will not become high while using our products, the small amounts of THC that are present within the oil may test positive on a drug screening.

There are many ways to ingest the CBD oil. You can add to your favorite food or beverage. However, the most effective way is to place the liquid directly under the tongue and allow to absorb for 20-30 seconds and then swallow. We recommend drinking your favorite juice to help with the taste.

Our oil is a full plant extract that contains the FULL-ENTOURAGE of powerful terpenes & cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBN, & THC).  We believe stripping the terpenes and THC from the oil reduces the medicinal properties of the product. Research has shown that the full spectrum CBD oil is the most effective (projectcbd.org)

When stored in a cool dry area, the CBD oil has a shelf life similar to olive oil.

Yes. Because the THC is not activated (heated), the tincture is safe for pets. Please consult your veterinarian before using on your dog or cat.